Santa Barbara Sewer Excavation

If you need assistance in Santa Barbara with sewer and underground utility excavation, you’ve come to the right place! At Bob's Backhoe And Trucking we’ve been working with homeowners, business owners, and contractors locally for many years to tackle installations, maintenance, as well as plumbing and excavation emergencies.

Licensed, bonded, and insured, every member of our team is educated and dedicated to the work that they do. Priding ourselves on our attention to detail and focused approach to excavation construction, we provide our clients with honest assessments, and affordable working rates.

The last thing anyone wants to spend their budget on is their sewer system. Work with Bob's Backhoe And Trucking, to lessen the blow, and give us a call today!

Skilled Diagnosis

Using the latest video technology, if you’re uncertain of what is wrong with your sewer system or are looking for regular maintenance, we can examine the situation properly and give you the most accurate estimate.

Working within Santa Barbara bylaws, we’ll get all the paperwork in order and only follow through with plumbing excavation when completely necessary.

As a property owner, it is your responsibility to maintain and repair municipal lines, and that’s not always an expense you can predict or be able to pay easily. That is why it’s important to us at Bob's Backhoe And Trucking to be as accurate as possible during every job.

Regular Maintenance

Whether your sewer system is old or new, it can benefit from regular inspection and maintenance. Work with Bob's Backhoe And Trucking and we’ll provide you with scheduled visits to ensure that your taps, septic tanks, lines, catch basins, dry wells, rain and storm drains are all working properly.

When it comes to sewer excavation, we can catch any problems early. If you witness standing water in your yard, water in your basement, backed up drains, or foul smells you could be looking at a need for excavation plumbing.

The Cost of Excavation

Broken sewer mains are one of the most common excavation jobs we come across, with the average cost for repair sitting at $2,477. Depending on the damage you could get closer to $1,000 or up to $3,000.

We understand that these prices are expensive, not to mention you’ll be put out of using your water services during the repair time. Because of this, at Bob's Backhoe And Trucking we do our best to save you money and time whenever possible.

Our Santa Barbara clients know that we care. Invest in a company you can rely on, and work together with Bob's Backhoe And Trucking for all of your excavation needs.

Call us, Even in an Emergency

Anyone who has ever dealt with a broken sewer line knows that it’s not always predictable. At Bob's Backhoe And Trucking, we make ourselves available to deal with drainage excavation emergencies the moment they appear so that you can get your life back on track.

To update an old sewer system, provide regular maintenance, or deal with an emergency, you can count on Bob's Backhoe And Trucking to service your Santa Barbara home or business quickly and properly.

Give us a call today to book your free service estimate.